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Top 10 best Pizza restaurants in Nairobi Kenya

Top 10 best Pizza restaurants in Nairobi Kenya today

This article is about top 10 best Pizza restaurants in Nairobi Kenya today.

  • Pizza has become one of the most popular foods among Kenyan millennials.
  • Due to this popularity, many national joints, Italian restaurants and international pizzerias have opened.

But some high-end restaurants have started selling pizza, in order to capitalize on this pizza craze. The rise of pizzerias has made it difficult to find a restaurant that sells the best pizzas at the best prices.

best Pizza restaurants in Nairobi

This is a list of the best joints around Nairobi, to help you in your search for the best pizza in Nairobi.

1. La Terrazza

Located at Greenhouse Mall on Ngong Rd, this restaurant, lounge and art gallery is one of my favorite places to drink and eat.

La Terrazza’s pizzas are made with authentic Italian ingredients and always leave me wanting more.

La Terrazza offers a panoramic view of Nairobi’s skyline, which creates a beautiful atmosphere for the day.

Pizza prices range from 950 KSh to 1500 KSh. It is expensive compared to other hotels in Nairobi.

However, the delicious pizza combined with the service and the beautiful location is worth it.

2. Matteo’s Restaurant

Matteo’s restaurant is a contender for the top spot. The type of pizza sold here is unmatched by any other restaurant in Nairobi.

Located at the intersection of Ngong Rd and Karen Rd, this hidden gem ticks all the boxes for a great Italian restaurant.

A nice outdoor area creates a nice place to enjoy lunch with family and friends. Pizza Matteo prices vary between KSh800 and KSh1450.

3. Solo Grano

Solo Grano is an artisanal Italian pizzeria located on Gigiri Lane, Nairobi. Their name translates to “Only Green” in Italian. Solo Grano’s pizza is one of my favorites.

They make their pizza from authentic Italian ingredients and use Doppio Zero as the base of all their pizzas. Everything else that is not important comes from Italy, they bring it locally.

This is a big plus for me. Their pizza prices range from 500 KSh to 2000 KSh.

Be sure to try some of the offerings from their Gourmet Pizza menu, especially the Tarfuto E Funghi.

4. Bambino

Bambino is one of the newest Italian restaurants in Nairobi. It’s located at 9 West, taking over the former favorite Mediterraneo space.

The pizzas here are very good and their prices vary between KSh 1200 and KSh 1800. They also offer vegetarian pizzas.

Their new favorite is Lomo Saltado. I highly recommend it.

5. Pizza na Prosciutto

Located in Karen Mall, Que Pasa Bar & Bistro is the best place to enjoy your evening pizza.

The pizza here is always good, and the consistency of quality makes it a reliable place to satisfy your pizza cravings. Despite the high quality pizza, their prices are affordable and range between KSh800 to KSh1350. Que Pasa cooks its pizzas on wood stoves, and the dough is baked from dawn to dusk.

Because of their dedication to the art of pizza making, Que Pasa is a favorite among many.

The restaurant has a large clientele that includes locals, politicians and tourists.

Great atmosphere and service is a big plus for this restaurant.

6. Osteria del Chianti

Located on Lenana Road in Kilimani, Village Market in Karen, Osteria del Chianti is very popular with Italian food lovers.

Being an Italian restaurant, it is not surprising that they have good pizzas.

Their pizza menu offers a variety of pizzas priced between KSh800 to KSh1450.

Osteria del Chianti has the best pizza in Nairobi.

7. Dolce Vita

Located at Muthaiga Mall on Limuru Road, La Dolce Vita is an authentic Italian restaurant, with an Italian chef and a rich Italian history.

La Dolce Vita was founded in 2001 by chef Riccardo Fiora, a Tuscan who moved to Kenya in the 90’s. The restaurant is now managed by his heirs.

Such a rich restaurant history deserves to be accompanied by great food. And when it comes to pizza, this restaurant lives up to my expectations.

The pizza is cooked in a brick oven and is really delicious. They have a great selection of pizzas at reasonable prices.

The atmosphere here is very nice and the large wine selection makes it perfect for pizza day.

8. Pomodoro

Located at Village Market, Gigiri, Pomodoro is a favorite among locals.

They serve very good pizza at affordable prices.

Its location in the food court makes it easy to find and you won’t miss a seat which is a big plus. Pomodoro is Italian, and the owner is always there to ensure that only the best food is served.

On their good days, you can get the best pizza you’ve ever had in Kenya.

9. Zen garden

Zen Garden is located along Lower Kabete Road. It has two restaurants, Bamboo Oriental Restaurant and Jade Coffee and Tea House. The pizza at Zen Garden is always good and you will not be disappointed.

The staff is also friendly and the service is fast and efficient.

The Zen garden has a great atmosphere and the garden is beautiful and relaxing which makes the restaurant perfect for dining.

10. level 24

Level 24 Dining is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant located on the 24th floor of Le’Mac on Church Rd.

It’s the only vegetarian pizzeria on my list. I don’t like vegetarian food, but their homemade pizza, “The 24”, made me question my lifelong food choices.

For vegetarians, this is undoubtedly the best pizza in Nairobi. Level 24 has a panoramic view of the city and the first floor in Nairobi. Their pizza prices range from 800 KSh to 1400 KSh.