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top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Nyandarua County

top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Nyandarua County

This article is about the top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Nyandarua County Nyandarua is one of the counties located in Central Region of Kenya. It has an approximate area of ​​3,304 square kilometers. The county capital and largest city is Ol Kalou. Some of them offer maternity services with no charges under Linda mama NHIF program. However, you need to ensure the hospital of your choice is NHIF accredited if you want NHIF benefits.

Best Private Hospitals In Nyandarua County

In no particular order, we present you some of the top hospitals in Nyandarua County.

Bliss Ol Kalou Medical Center

It offers optical services, medical advice, pharmacy and laboratory services.

Location: Datum House, Ol Kalou Town

Contacts: +254 780 622 554

North Kinangop Catholic Hospital

It is a religious hospital that offers laboratory services, radiography, dental and optical care, O.N.T, endoscopy, pharmacy, surgical operations, radiological and ultrasound services.

Location: Kinangop

Contacts: 0713 777 816

Ng’othi Medical Clinic

It is a small private clinic that offers general medical care and medical consultation services.

Location: Kinangop

Kipipiri Medical Center

Location: Miharate, Kipipiri

Contacts: +254 727 868 273

Njabini Maternity and Nursing Home

It offers primary medical services for hospitalized patients, such as maternity, home care, family planning, pharmacy and antenatal care.

Location: Njabini town

St Mathews and Sarah’s Dispensary

Location: Ol Kalou village

contacts:  0733 391 297

Fr Baldo Catholic Dispensary

It offers general medical care, laboratory services, family planning, pharmacy, vaccinations, maternity and medical consultations.

Place: Ol Kalou

Contacts: +254 020 232 4525

Chemichemi Medical Clinic

Location: Miharate, Kipipiri

Contacts:  +254 727 868 273

Globe Medical Center

Location: Ndaragwa

Contacts: +254 771 172 416

Ukweli medical clinic

It offers basic medical care and counseling services at affordable rates.

Location: Oljororok