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top photographers in kenya

top photographers in kenya

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top photographers in kenya
Kimani Skater; One of the top Photographers in Kenya [Photo; Skaterphotography]

List of top photographers in Kenya

Ben KiruthiFacebook: Ben Kiruthi,
Twitter: Ben Kiruthi
Instagram: Ben Kiruthi,
Blog: Ben Kiruthi
Anthony TrivetFacebook: Antony Trivet
Twitter: antonytrivet
Instagram: Antony Trivet
Blog: Antony Trivet Photography
Joe NgangaFacebook: Joel Nganga
Blog: Joewell Photography
Kimani SkaterFacebook: Skater Photography
Mobile:0726 956215

Twitter: Skater Photography
Instagram: Skater Photography
Edgar ChomaFacebook: Mecvisual
Instagram: Manlikemutugi
Behance: Edgar Chomba
Blog: Mecvisual
Billy MiaronFacebook: Miaron Billy
Twitter: Bmpicz Photography (@bmpicz)
Instagram: Miaron Billy (@bmpicz)
Blog: Bmpicz
Patrick WambuFacebook: Ricqstudio
Twitter: Patrick wambu (@patwambu)
Instagram: Ricqstudio
Blog: Ricqstudio
Eric G MainaFacebook: Eric G Maina
Instagram: Impressstudioke
YouTube: Impress Studio
Blog: Impress Studio
Lola LeilaFacebook: Maiafreia
Twitter: Maiafreia
Instagram: Maiafreia
Timothy KatuaFacebook: Timothy Katua
Twitter: Timothy Katua
Instagram: Timothy Katua
Blog: Katz Photography

1. Ben Kiruthi

Mr. Kiruthi is a top wedding photographer in Kenya who will never miss the top
location and status of each photo. The passion and expertise he puts into meeting the needs of his clients has helped him gain a large client base.

His blog won the Kenya Blog Awards 2014 for being the best photography blog. Soon after that, he started his photography career a year shortly after his marriage.

Together with his wife, the duo is passionate about helping couples make their “big day” a reality. And that’s what made him earn peanuts up to a month’s worth of photography.

Unlike other photographers who end up after a wedding ceremony, a Christian photographer followed a few years after the wedding following the evolution. This may be what gives it an edge over its competitors.

When he is not working, Mr. Kiruthi travels across Kenya where he trains and mentors young photographers as a way to give back.

2. Antoine Trivet

Antony is a pro photographer that you cannot miss on any list of talented photographers in Kenya. From wedding dresses and photography to painting, Kenya’s talented space does more than you can imagine.

Apart from being a professional wedding photographer in Kenya, Trivet also has a solid background in commercial illustration photography and executive portraiture.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also has years of extensive experience as a media instructor and editor.

Based on her creativity and beautiful photography, Trivet has received countless nominations and recognitions winning her at Nikon Kenya Photo Summit 2015, Kenya Glamor Awards 2015 and Canon Selphy Street Competition 2016.

In addition to this, Antony Trivet also won the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 in the Kenya National Award category.

3. Timothy Katua

Timothy is one of the most sought after wedding photographers who is a professional wedding photographer and videographer.

With over six years in the photography industry, Timothy has photography packages to suit everyone. Based on his impressive photography work depicting Muslim, Asian and Christian weddings, Mr. Katua has gained a large following in Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

In addition to this, Timothy Katua has received many honors and nominations for many prestigious photography awards since 2013. And in the company of his wife Monika, who is also a professional photographer, the duo is doing something amazing.

4. Lola Leila

Leila is one of the famous wedding photographers who not only makes your wedding memories fresh but also captures the important details of your event.

With his many years of experience taking engagements, weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries across Kenya, he can go anywhere when duty calls. On top of that, it has a photography studio that offers Muslim, Indian and Asian wedding photography that will make you feel incredible.

If you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Kenya, then Lola Leila is one of the professional photographers you can rely on.

5. Eric G Maina

Eric is a photographer from Kenya known for his art. He is not only professional but also passionate about his work.

Combining his experience, skill and sophistication, Eric produces beautiful natural photographs that are captivating. Due to his superior photography skills, he is one of the most popular and recommended Kenyan lens experts. He is the CEO of Impress Studio Ke.

Based on his beautiful wedding, Eric has encouraged young people in Kenya to be interested in what they are doing.

6. Joe Pride

Joe is one of the best photographers who have taken the Kenyan capital by storm. An avid photographer, he not only takes pictures of what he sees but also what he thinks should be preserved.

Because of his passion for photography, Joe sometimes leaves his house early in the morning and returns to the sand after the last shot at the party. On top of that, Joe also offers custom packages that ensure every customer’s needs are met. Is it good? Well, you can contact him through social media.

7. Anil Tohani

He is one of the best photographers who combines his strength, expertise and psychology to take beautiful wedding photography that you will love.

With years of experience and an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, Anil creates films that not only provide the best appeal, but also convey a profound message.

Apart from receiving many accolades and awards in the Kenyan photography industry, Anil Tohani also holds the honor of being one of the most sought after photographers.

8. Edgar Chomba

Edgar is one of the professional photographers who can capture the details of your special day with creativity and artistry. From business, design and psychology, he takes amazing pictures that keep the memory of the event alive for years.

If you are looking for the best photographer for your event, this is one of the best photographers to look at.

9. Billy Miraon

Billy is not only a professional photographer but also passionate about his work. Because of his passion for photography, he founded a blog called Bmpicz, where he tells his story through images.

On top of that, Billy is also known for his ability to combine his photography skills and experience to take beautiful wedding photos. Not to mention, it also offers affordable customized packages. If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Kenya, then Billy Marion is one of the best Kenyan photographers to contact.

10. Patrick Wamba

Although last on the list, Patrick Wambu is not the least when it comes to his photography skills. It produces timeless photos that speak volumes about your event.

Ever since he became one of the leading wedding photographers in Nairobi, Wambu has won many awards and prizes that have made him famous. Although he is a photographer from Nairobi, Patrick Wambu travels to weddings and takes beautiful wedding photos that will melt your heart with joy.

top photographers in Kenya
[PHOTO courtesy of; Skaterphotography]


Wedding photography in Kenya has become a very profitable business that is growing day by day with a growing trend in the number of weddings. Therefore, it will not be easy to go through the profile of any Kenyan photographer.

But listen, we made it easy for you. All you can do is choose your favorite photographer and let the professionals capture your wedding photos.
and skills.