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How to Register for KRA PIN in iTax Portal for the first time in kenya - comprehensive guide

How to Register for KRA PIN in iTax Portal for the first time in kenya – comprehensive guide

This article is about how to Register for KRA PIN in iTax Portal for the first time in Kenya. The government has made it easy for Kenyans to apply for Personal Identification Number (PIN) online. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is established and guided by the Kenya Revenue Authority Act (Cap 469) of the Laws of Kenya. Let’s dive into it.

How to Register for KRA PIN in iTax Portal

1. Prepare the Required Documents

Imagine you are a Kenyan citizen looking to apply for a KRA PIN online. You’ll need the following documents and information ready:

  • A scanned copy of your National ID.
  • An active and accessible email address.
  • A mobile phone number that is registered under your name.
  • Your personal details, including your full name, address, date of birth, and gender.

2. Access the KRA iTax Portal

Open your web browser and go to the official KRA website at On the website, you’ll see the iTax icon or link.

Click on it to access the online tax system.

3. New PIN Registration

On the iTax portal, look for the “New PIN Registration” option, which is usually prominently displayed.

Click on this option to start the online PIN application process.

4. Registration Form

You will be directed to the online registration form. Fill in the required information in the provided fields. For instance:

  • Personal Details: Enter your full name, address, date of birth, and gender.
  • Citizenship: Select “Kenyan” as your citizenship status.
  • Identification Details: Provide your National ID number.
  • Contact Information: Enter your email address and mobile phone number.

5. Verify Your Details

Review the information you’ve entered to ensure it’s accurate.

Make sure that your personal details and identification information match your documents.

6. Submit the Application

Once you are confident that the information is correct, click the “Submit” button to submit your application.

7. Payment

After submission, the system will prompt you to pay the processing fee for the PIN application. In this example, let’s say the processing fee is Ksh 1,000. You can choose to pay using M-Pesa by following the instructions on the portal.

8. Receive Your KRA PIN Certificate

Once your application is approved, and the processing fee is received, you will receive your KRA PIN certificate via email or as a downloadable PDF. This certificate will contain your unique KRA PIN number.

9. Using Your KRA PIN

You can now use your KRA PIN for various official purposes, such as filing tax returns, opening a bank account, or registering a business. Keep your KRA PIN certificate in a secure location for future reference.

Importance of a KRA pin

1. Tax Compliance:

  • Example: John, a Kenyan citizen, earns a monthly salary. He uses his KRA PIN to accurately report his income to the tax authority and files his annual tax returns. This ensures he is compliant with tax regulations, avoids penalties, and contributes to government revenue.

2. Access to Financial Services:

  • Example: Mary wants to open a bank account to save money and access banking services. The bank requires her KRA PIN for identity verification and to comply with regulations. With her PIN, she can easily open her account and manage her finances.

3. Business Registration:

  • Example: David is starting a small business selling handcrafted goods. He needs a KRA PIN to register his business with the government. His PIN helps track business income and facilitates tax payments related to his business activities.

4. Government Tenders and Contracts:

  • Example: Sarah’s construction company wants to bid on a government project. The government agency requires all bidders to provide their KRA PIN as part of the tender process. Sarah’s company must have a valid KRA PIN to participate in the bidding process.(see how to apply for government tenders)

5. Customs Clearance:

  • Example: Alex imports electronic equipment for resale in Kenya. To clear his goods at customs, he must provide his KRA PIN. Customs authorities use the PIN to calculate and collect the appropriate import duties and taxes.

6. Land Transactions:

  • Example: Emily is selling a piece of land to Mark. The transaction involves a legal contract and requires both parties to provide their KRA PIN. It ensures the proper recording of the sale for tax purposes and verifies the identities of the buyer and seller.

7. Job Opportunities:

  • Example: Michael is applying for a job at a reputable company. During the application process, the company requests his KRA PIN for background checks. Providing the PIN demonstrates that Michael is tax-compliant and meets the company’s hiring criteria.

8. Simplified Government Services:

  • Example: Lisa needs to renew her business license online. She logs into the government’s online portal, and the system automatically pulls her business information using her KRA PIN. This streamlines the renewal process, reducing paperwork and effort.

faqs about KRA pin

1. What is a KRA PIN?

Answer: A KRA PIN is a unique Personal Identification Number issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority. It’s used to identify individuals and businesses for tax purposes in Kenya.

2. Who needs a KRA PIN?

Answer: All Kenyan citizens and non-Kenyan residents who generate income in Kenya are required to obtain a KRA PIN.

3. How do I apply for a KRA PIN?

Answer: You can apply for a KRA PIN either through physical visits to KRA offices or online through the KRA iTax portal. The application process involves providing personal information and supporting documents, paying a processing fee, and receiving a PIN certificate.

4. What is the processing fee for a KRA PIN?

Answer: The processing fee for a KRA PIN may vary and can change over time. Check the KRA website or contact KRA offices for the current fee.

5. What are the uses of a KRA PIN?

Answer: A KRA PIN is required for various financial and tax-related activities, including filing tax returns, opening a bank account, registering a business, participating in government tenders, clearing goods at customs, and applying for licenses and permits.

6. Can I apply for a KRA PIN online?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for a KRA PIN online through the KRA iTax portal. This is a convenient option that allows you to complete the application process from your computer or mobile device.

7. How long does it take to receive a KRA PIN?

Answer: You receive the KRA PIN instantly on the itax portal.

8. Can I retrieve a lost or forgotten KRA PIN?

Answer: Yes, you can retrieve a lost or forgotten KRA PIN by visiting a KRA office or using the iTax portal’s “Forgot Password” or “Forgot KRA PIN” option. You will need to provide the necessary identification details. See how to check your KRA PIN using ID Number

9. Is there an age requirement for obtaining a KRA PIN?

Answer: There is no specific age requirement for obtaining a KRA PIN. Individuals of all ages, including minors, may apply for a KRA PIN if they meet the eligibility criteria.

10. How do I update my personal information associated with my KRA PIN?

Answer: You can update your personal information, such as your address or contact details, through the KRA iTax portal. Log in, go to the profile section, and make the necessary updates.

11. What happens if I don’t have a KRA PIN when required?

Answer: Failure to have a KRA PIN when required may result in penalties and difficulties in conducting various financial and tax-related transactions. It is advisable to obtain a KRA PIN if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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