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How to Register in to NEMIS Portal today - schools & students

How to Register in to NEMIS Portal today – schools & students

This article is about how to register in to Nemis portal. The Government of Kenya established the National Education Management System to manage schools, students and teachers across the country. It is an online platform that has helped in the release of data so that everything can be accessed through a single platform.

What you need to get sign up to NEMIS

  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • A fast and reliable web browser like Google Chrome
  • A computer or laptop with at least 2.4 Hz and 1 GB of RAM
  • A computer with applications such as MS Word and Excel
  • Camera for student photography
  • A printer

Who are NEMIS users?

Government – the government uses NEMIS for data collection. With the data provided by principals and teachers, the government can manage and allocate resources. They can also make important decisions about the education sector.

Principals – Principals use NEMIS to manage school activities such as teacher attendance and academic performance.
Teachers – teachers use NEMIS to manage student data and academic reports.

Students and parents – They receive performance and attendance information through the portal.

What does it take to register a school with NEMIS?

  1. School Details – This is a lengthy process as it involves providing all the details about the school such as name, type, authority, facilities and other important information.
  2. Staff information – number of teachers in the school, their qualifications and any other information.
  3. Student information: name, date of birth, gender, etc.
  4. Legal registration documents – school registration documents, licenses and others
  5. Email address for official communications

How to register a school on the NEMIS portal

  • Visit the official NEMIS website
  • Go to the new registration section
  • When the registration form appears, select the preferred setting
  • Fill out book, staff and student data
  • Check the information to make sure it is correct
  • Submit the application and wait for approval

How to register a student on the NEMIS portal

If you want to register as a student, you must have completed the school registration form in order to have an account with NEMIS.

Here is the process to follow for student registration:

  • Log in to your NEMIS account
  • Go to the Student Registration section and click on it
  • Enter the student’s personal information such as name, gender, birth information, etc.
  • Fill in the academic details like their grade, course and other details
  • Add more details about the parents
  • Confirm if the details are correct and submit
  • Wait for the confirmation message

How to register Form 1 students on the NEMIS portal

  • Get school documents (acceptance letter?)
  • Login to NEMIS Schools Portal using UPI and Password
  • On the dashboard go to the learner module
  • From the drop-down menu, select Accept/Hold
  • Search for the student using their KCPE index or UPI number
  • Click Accept to enroll them in your school

How to register a primary school student

  • Enter the NEMIS portal
  • On the dashboard go to the Learners module
  • Go to the registration tab since you are currently registering and not accepting students
  • Enter all details about the approved space
  • Review details for accuracy and record details

How to find your NEMIS number

  • Visit the official NEMIS website
  • Get the registration option
  • Go to the dashboard, find the start menu
  • An OTP will be sent to your phone
  • Copy the OTP message on your phone and enter it on your computer
  • Wait for an SMS with your NEMIS number

NEMIS module
The NEMIS module is a separate part of the user-based portal. The NEMIS platform is a multi-user portal. Contrary to popular belief, not only teachers and schools have access to the platform.

Here are some of the different NEMIS modules:

  • School configuration/module – this is where all schools and educational institutions are registered. In this module, information about school details, facilities and even staff is included. It is a platform where school owners and managers put all the information.
  • Student Portal – This is a section for students and learners. You can find student information such as personal details and academic information. On this platform you can create information about academic performance. Financial module – financial planning required education. In this module, you will see budgeting, financial monitoring and monitoring of school resources.
  • Module for teachers – teachers also have a module where you can find information such as qualifications, performance evaluation and subject specialization.
  • Test module – the test module is used to generate student results, organize the test process and generate grading reports for students. Data reporting – this is where you report and analyze the data needed for decision making.

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