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Jubilee Insurance Products in kenya

Jubilee Insurance Products in kenya

This article is about Jubilee Insurance Products in Kenya. It is one of the 56 insurance companies licensed in Kenya by the IRA( Insurance Regulatory Authority) and is one of the market leaders. The company was established in Kenya in 1937 and now the person who calls authority in East Africa and East 450,000.

Jubilee Life Insurance Products

The products were intended to react to personal and business.

Jubilee Personal Life Insurance Products

  1. Education Plan Policy

This policy is designed as a savings tool to provide an amount of money for your child’s education.

2. Investment plan policy (Fanaka)

This is a life insurance plan that offers you multiple opportunities to save and grow your money.

3. Baada and Campo Policy
This is a life insurance contract designed to allow a university or college student to build up income over 4 to 6 periods depending on the length of study.

4. Planning of staff planning
This is an endowment policy that has a premium that will be paid to the policyholder periodically during the policy period.

5. Maxlife Joint Plan Policy
This policy protects two people, and the full benefit of the policy is paid out once when each person dies. 6. The law of all life
It is the cover of life and the customer pays it all in his life and pay when the customer passes.

7. To cover apartments
This is the plan provided to pay those affiliated with the death of someone you love.

8. Once an annuity premium
This is a deal with Jubilee Insurance where you pay them a small amount upfront and they pay you a certain amount every time for the rest of your life.

9. Personal pension plans
This is a long-term investment that aims to help you build a pot that you can use for your retirement.

Jubilee Business Life Insurance Products

  1. Plant all of the money
    This cover is supposed to give family peace of the family by offering for the financial payment of financial payment and activities.
  2. A green insurance policy
    This insurance contract pays a lump sum in the event of the death of a member of the plan who is employed by the employer or a member of the affiliated group of the insured. This policy covers an entire group of people.
  3. Group delivery protection insurance
    This insurance guarantees money that your loved ones can use to help pay your mortgage if you die.
  4. Credit life insurance
    This coverage pays back the borrower’s debt in the event of their death.
  5. Group pension plan
    These are private pension plans offered by employers to their employees.
  6. Professional retirement plan
    This agreement provides financial control for the contribution plan. The employee and employee income is determined at the beginning of the plan. During retirement, the total benefit is determined by the total contributions and interest earned on the contributions.
  7. Jubilee Umbrella Program
    Umbrella plans allow many unaffiliated workers to join a single retirement plan. Under this policy, Jubilee Insurance supports compliance and program implementation costs. They also ensure the maintenance of the plan.

Jubilee General Insurance Products

Jubilee Personal General Insurance Products

  1. Personal accident policy
    This is an annual contract that provides compensation in case of injury, disability or death caused only by force, accident, external and foreseeable causes.
  2. Car insurance
    This is insurance for vehicles such as cars, which provides protection against loss and accidents, theft, etc.
    Third party fire and theft: covers theft, fire, personal injury and property damage. Comprehensive: Covers civil liability and physical damage to the vehicle, i.e. damage resulting from fire, theft and accidental damage to the vehicle.
  3. House cover (house package)

It protects your home and property.

  1. Travel insurance

This plan not only protects you in case of unexpected events such as theft or loss of luggage but also provides benefits in case of unexpected delays or cancel the trip.

Jubilee Busines General Insurance Products

  1. Policy to support trust
    This law protects the company from financial loss if an employee breaches the trust.
  2. An accident of one
    It pays your employees if injury, disability or death is caused solely by accidental, external and foreseeable causes.
  3. Crop insurance
    It protects the farmer from losing his crops due to natural calamities like hail, drought, floods, uncontrollable pests and to steal.
  1. Pet insurance
    This policy provides coverage for losses due to death or injury to a person’s pets. It usually covers accidents, theft, etc.
  2. Professional support
    This certification is for professionals who provide advice or services to their clients. It protects professionals from legal liability arising from any negligence, error or omission committed by a person in the performance of their professional duties.
  3. WIBA
    This is a combination of the Workers’ Compensation Act (WIBA) and Group Personal Accident Coverage (GPA). It covers your employees if they need medical help or are unable to work following an incident at work.
  4. Back cover back

This agreement covers all risks, as long as the agreement does not specifically exclude it from the guarantee.

  1. Boat insurance

It covers the loss or damage of any ship, cargo, station and transportation that is transferred, received or held between the source and the final destination.

By the way, Jubilee Insurance is the biggest water insurance in East Africa.

Jubilee Health Insurance Products

Currently, Jubilee Insurance Group is the largest health insurance underwriter in East Africa.

a) Personal goods

1. J-inue

It is an inclusive and affordable health insurance product for individuals and families, available online.

To get this product, click Buy Now or dial 6435# and get full coverage instantly.

2. J Care individual/family health coverage

This product is designed to cover individuals and families. With access to a network of more than 200 health providers across the country, JCARE Health Insurance gives you the flexibility to choose where and how to get treatment.


  • Adults aged 18 to 60.
  • Children aged 1 to 17 years

Important benefits

  1. 5 levels of comprehensive coverage and optional benefits (Maternity, Hospital, Dental and Optical).
  2. Coverage of pre-existing, chronic, psychiatric, congenital and HIV/AIDS, including related conditions.
  3. Nationwide Supplier Network
  4. Overseas hospital patient referrals covered on credit by under-listed hospitals
  5. Coverage for dental clinics and eye care
  6. Post-hospital benefits
  7. Funeral expenses
  8. Free personal accident benefit for principal
  9. Get direct treatment in East Africa

b) Professional products

Company health insurance

This coverage ensures that you are responsible for the overall well-being of your employees. It covers medical needs ranging from medical consultation, physiotherapy, theater fees, examination fees, hospital accommodation, hospital surgery, intensive care fees, medicines, clothing, surgical instruments, pathology, laboratories and ultrasounds, foreign embassies, local roads and air exits.

SME health insurance

It provides insurance to your employees that provides a complete system for their health needs ranging from medical consultation, physiotherapy, theater fees, examination fees, hospital room, hospital surgery, health care and operation room , medicine, clothing, surgical instruments, pathology. , lab and ultrasound, Guide abroad, traffic area and ventilation.

For any clarifications, you can contact Jubilee Insurance

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