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Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Swift Code

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Swift Code

This article is about Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Swift Code. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited was established in 1911 with the first branch opened in Mombasa Treasury Square. It was listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 1989 and currently has a total of 36 branches spread across the country.

what is a swift code?

A Swift Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes and it is unique identification code for a bank. Swift codes are used when transferring money between banks, mostly when doing international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them. Basically, a Swift code consists of 8 or 11 characters. In case of 8 characters, it automatically refers to the head office of a bank.

Swift Code Format


AAAA First 4 characters – bank code (only letters)

BB Next 2 characters – Country code (only letters) KEN

CC Next 2 characters – location code (letters and digits)

DDD Last 3 characters – branch code, this is optional.

SOCRKENA is the Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Swift Code

credit card options

They offer a variety of local and foreign currency banking solutions as well as transactional, borrowing and investment needs. In regards to borrowing, the bank offers credit card options highlighted below.

Visa gold credit card


  • Enjoy global shopping with a card recognized in over 23 million establishments and more than 150 countries,
  • Transfer money directly from credit card to Mpesa or Airtel money wallets on online banking or SC mobile app,
  • Protect one self from unauthorized or fraudulent use of the card through otp,
  • Pay securely through pin and chip technology,
  • Supplementary cards for up to 5 immediate family members, and control of your credit payment plan with the assurance of upto 50-interest free days.


  • Annual fee ksh 6,000,
  • Over-limit fee ksh 2,000 ,
  • Late payment fee Ksh 1,500,
  • Monthly interest fee 1.08% ,
  • Cash advance fee of 5%,
  • Supplementary card fee Ksh 1,000 , and
  • Credit Card FX Transactions (minimum FX margin for international POS or cash sale) of 2.50%

Visa Platinum card


  • Transfer cash to Mpesa or Airtel money, globally accepted in over 150 countries,
  • Enhanced online security through the use of One Time Passwords ( OTP ) during online purchases,
  • Allows one to access to advance cash worldwide from various ATMs, provides up to 5 supplementary cards to immediate family members,
  • Antegrated chip and pin technology that further enhances security features which ultimately reduces fraud and a 50-day interest free repayment period.


  • The card attracts an annual fee ksh 7,000,
  • Over-limit fee ksh 3,000 ,
  • late payment fee Ksh 1,500,
  • Monthly interest fee 1.08% ,
  • Cash advance fee,
  • Supplementary card fee Ksh 2,000 ,
  • and Credit Card FX Transactions (minimum FX margin for international POS or cash sale)


To be eligible for the card,

  • one must be between the age of 21-60 years old,
  • have a minimum monthly income from Kes. 80,000 and above,
  • should have a current or savings account with Stanchart bank,
  • pay slip,
  • photocopy of passport or ID,
  • photocopy of work permit if applicant is an expatriate and
  • bank statement with 2 salary credits if not banking with Standard Chartered.

For more information, contact Standard Chartered Bank

Service Lines: +254 20 329 3900 +254 703 093 900 ;

Address: Client Contact Centre, Standard Chartered@Chiromo, Level 4, 48 Westland’s Road