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top 11 Best School Uniforms Dealers In Nairobi

top 11 Best School Uniforms Dealers In Nairobi

Here is a list of the top 11 Best School Uniforms Dealers In Nairobi.

This list focuses on reputable manufacturers,

suppliers and

distributors of quality school uniforms

at reasonable prices to meet everyone’s needs.

Best School Uniforms Dealers In Nairobi

In no particular order, here is a list of the best school uniform sellers in Nairobi.

1. Tekiria General Suppliers LTD

Tekiria General Suppliers LTD is a manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of garments for various sectors. It is a company from Kenya that buys from high quality fabric manufacturers, suppliers and services.

The company offers a full range of bespoke design services to assist in the design and production of new school uniforms.

They provide unparalleled school solutions for trust and university campuses, along with hundreds of schools, promoting school spirit and identity.

Contact: 0702 840 739

Location: Githurai 45 near Kingdom SACCO off Thika Super Highway

2. Uniform Distributors Ltd.

Uniform Distributors Ltd was established in 1972.

It is a large store for all types of clothing and equipment for educational institutions, businesses, hotels, hospitals and government organizations.

All products are of excellent quality and reasonably priced.

Location: Duruma Road, next to Kampala Coach.

Contact: 0733 456 422.

3. School Outfitters

School Outfitters is a leading manufacturer and distributor of school uniforms in Kenya. They manufacture and supply quality school uniforms at prices that suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Location: Along Muindi Mbingu Road.

Contact: 0725 937 458.

4. Image First

Image First is a one-stop clothing store dedicated to providing all customers with the best school uniforms and excellent service.

All clothing is locally made to the highest standards.

Location: Regal Plaza, Parklands.

Callers: 0704 448 402, 0733 556 600.

5. Kawa garments Ltd

Kawa Garments is a clothing manufacturer specializing in school, work and safety clothing. The company has a lot of experience in the industry and is a trusted partner for many customers.

Contact: 0716 020 055.


6. Animet Ltd

Animet Ltd prides itself on providing quality clothing for schools, homes and factories.

Animet has become a household name for clothing and is highly recommended by many schools in Nairobi as their favorite clothing retailer.

The company has stores in Yaya Center, T-Mall, Diamond Plaza and Hub Karen.

Contact: 0701 018 180. Email:

7. Keagles Knitwear

Keagles is a manufacturer and supplier of school uniforms, office uniforms, sportswear and hospitality.

They offer services ranging from apparel design, branding, sampling, and large and small manufacturing orders.

Location: KCB Plaza, Jogoo Road, Ground Floor, Shop No. 2.

Callers: 0713 532 720, 0733 500 501.

8. Riera Tex

Riera Tex is a well established company that manufactures and supplies high quality school and work wear in Kenya.

They provide a good coat that is resistant, shrinking and attractive.

Location: 1st Floor, Nightrose House, Kirinaga Road.

Contact: 0725 843 984.

9. Greendo

Greendo is a medium-sized company engaged in the sale and supply of school and staff uniforms, safety and sports equipment, clothing and other accessories.

Location: Greenspan Shopping Centre, Donholm.

Contact: 0719 494 997.

10. Bird clothes weaving

They design clothing for primary and secondary schools, including sportswear, men’s and women’s shirts, shorts, dresses, sweaters, pants, shirts, ties, and socks.

They have branches in Thika, TRM Mall and River Road.

Contact: 0722 264 464, 020 205 1487.

11. The Uniform Store

The Uniform Store is an innovative retailer of school and office uniforms.

They specialize in providing quality clothing for schools in Kenya and businesses.

Their stores are located in Lavington Mall and Galleria Mall.

Contact: 020 258 6997.