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Types of KCB Bank Accounts today - 7 plus

Types of KCB Bank Accounts today – 7 plus

This article is about types of KCB Bank Accounts today. The Kenya Commercial Bank is a licensed and one of the largest banks in the country. It is one of the top banks and is popular for offering various banking services and loan products. If you are looking for a safe bank that will provide you with reliable banking services, this is one of the best banks to consider. KCB has a strong market value and has built a good reputation.

Types of KCB Bank Accounts

KCB current account

Checking accounts are ideal for users who need to bank on a daily basis. It allows you to withdraw money, make electronic transfers, verify payments and make instant payments.

Features and benefits

  • Internet and Mobile Banking – Manage your banking and complete all transactions via USSD SMS code or Internet banking.
  • Checkbook – Receive checks and issue checks to other financial institutions. Suitable for users who receive and issue checks as payment.
  • Debit Card – Get a debit card for easy money management. With the card you can withdraw money from ATMs, pay at retail outlets and pay online.
  • Receive notifications on payments and withdrawals via SMS or email
  • Overdraft facility to withdraw money in excess of deposit.

KCB professional account

KCB business accounts are designed for SMEs and large businesses. To open this account, you need a business registration document, vehicle identification, tax badge, proof of address, business license, business profile and an initial deposit to activate the account.

Features and benefits

  • All the benefits of the current account are explained above
  • Financial management services – payroll, gross payments and collections
  • Customer service for debit and credit accepts customer payments
  • Business loans to help finance infrastructure and businesses
  • Advisory services to assist in risk management and other banking services.
  • Online banking services to manage transactions remotely

KCB Savings Account

KCB Savings Account allows you to save your money and earn interest on it. This account is good for people who want to accumulate money for a long time.

Features and benefits

  • Earning Interest – Unlike regular checking accounts, savings accounts will earn you interest
  • Variable deposits and withdrawals
  • Receive regular account statements to track your finances
  • Saving goals will help you reach your financial goals faster

KCB Fixed Deposit Account

A fixed deposit account allows you to deposit and save a certain amount of money for a period of time. Unlike a savings account, you hold the money for a fixed period of time without withdrawing it.

Features and benefits

  • Higher interest rates compared to savings accounts
  • Invest your money for a period of time, usually months or even years.
  • Automatically renew your appointment to advance your fixed deposit
  • An account system to monitor the interest and growth of your money.

KCB Diaspora Account

KCB Immigrant Accounts are good for Kenyans living abroad. This account allows them to do business from abroad and manage their money at home. The good news is that Kenyans abroad can open their accounts online without returning home.

Features and benefits

  • International Banking – No matter where you live, you can do international banking from a distance
  • Convenient Transactions – You can do all transactions like online money transfers and bill payments from anywhere in the world.
  • Trade in multiple currencies – With a foreign account, you can trade in some popular currencies such as dollars, euros and British pounds. Get investment opportunities in Kenya and put your money to good use.
  • Transfer money easily from your international account to your Kenyan account
  • Personalized customer support to solve all your problems.

KCB Investment Account

KCB Investment is ideal for clients who want to increase their wealth. The account makes it easy to trade in financial instruments and earn handsome returns.

Features and benefits

  • Get expert management – for those who have no idea about investing, you get expert management where experts invest on your behalf.
  • Good risk management – with this account you can manage risk according to your risk appetite. Allows you to create your own risk and invest in various tools to manage your risk
  • Introduces you to various investment options such as mutual funds, bank debt and stock market funds

KCB Student Account

KCB Student Account is designed to meet the needs of students by providing convenient and affordable banking services. To open this account, you must prove that you are a student.

Features and benefits

  • Low Fees – This account has low fees since students don’t have cash. You benefit from reduced transaction costs and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Digital Banking – The ability to manage student accounts online for work and business.
  • Parental Control – For students who are still under the supervision of their parents, parents can manage the account on their behalf. Financial education to help students develop better financial habits.
  • Students have access to a debit account that they can use to conduct various online transactions.

How to choose the right KCB bank account

There are many account options when investing with KCB. Here are some tips to help you choose the right account:

Financial goals

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to save money or do you want to invest? For savings, there are savings accounts and investment accounts for investors.

Account required

Some accounts require you to qualify. For example, for a business account you must have a registered business and for a student account you must prove that you are a student.

Account plan

Take a closer look at those features and see if they fit your lifestyle. For example, if you like to write checks, you need an account that offers checking.

Amount of money

Don’t forget to check how much it will cost to manage and manage the account. Check transactions and maintenance charges related to the account. It is wise to avoid accounts with other liabilities that do not meet your financial needs.

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